Poolside - Do You Believe?

Poolside consist of LA duo Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise. They describe their music as 'day time disco' which for me is all the description I need. Utilizing a pool house as their recording studio, their music is the perfect soundtrack to any warm summer pool party. The track Do You Believe? will be released March 14 on Future Classic Records. Check out their video to get a closer look at Poolside.


Volcano City Weekend Party Mix

After a looong and studious week of school and other bullshit, the weekend finally has arrived. It's so great to just kick back and relax and let the mind wander stress-free. But before you get too relaxed and fall asleep, Volcano City has got some tunes for you that'll make you wanna party like that guy up there. It's a nice, live disco mix made by us here at Volcano City so you know you're gonna wanna get up off you ass and dance to it. Have a great weekend everybody! Btw, Charlie Sheen is one crazy fuck...
Volcano City Weekend Mix by kiffo
Walk With Me - Oliver
Without Lies (Black Van Remix) - Aeroplane
What It Takes - Leonardus & Le Babar
Super Soaker - Louis La Roche
Baby I'm Yours (Color Blaster Remix) - Breakbot
I Wonder Why! - Go Go Bizkitt!
What Am I Supposed To Do - Treasure Fingers
Soul Bells (Quinten 909 Remix) - Le Knight Club
Are You Gonna Do Me Right - Over The Top
Feeling Right (Justin Faust Remix) - PUNCHES
Holidays (Miami Horror & Cassian Remix) - Miami Horror
Technologic (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix) - Daft Punk
Her (Bit Funk Remix) - Ghosts of Venice
Style (Hibeams Remix) - DCUP
Video Kick Snare (Dada Life Remix) - Staygold


LBCK European Tour Video + new track!

LBCK spent the last month touring and tearing it down in Europe in their first ever European Tour. I would say it was a complete success as you can see in their 'European Adventure' tour video that they just released. The video features the electro duo getting to know far away friends in the business, exploring the countries and, of course, rocking shows in Belgium and Germany, as well their "Start" Release Party in France and I Love Electro Festival in Italy.

LBCK European Adventure Tour from LBCK on Vimeo.

To complement the success of their tour and video, LBCK has given us a new FREE track in 320 kbps!

Lift You Up by LBCK



Sasquatch LINEUP!

107.7 The End out of Seattle just snuck out this poster with the lineup for the 10th Sasquatch Music Festival. Here we go! See you there!

Straight Up

Alright, I'ma get right to business so you can get back to your blazy Sunday. And we are gonna get blazy on this one ladies and gentlemen so sit back, relax, and let's light that fire. Oh, and it's the $uper Bowl as well so grab a drink will ya?
First up, Matthew Kyle. Now I've been meaning to do a post on this guy for a while but for now I'll just let you take a dip in some of my favorites from this SlowJamSexMaster. More from this guy to come, I guarantee it.

If you haven't already heard of B. Bravo, well here we go. Hailing from that place known as The Bay Area and dropping some great beats like none other.
B. Bravo - Swing My Way RMX (Couldn't embed this bad boy, but you'll wanna check this one out.)
B. Bravo - Midnite (My fave and the one that got me obsessed.)

A more funkafied "New Beat" from Toro Y Moi's LP Underneath the Pine. Mark February 22nd on your Calendar people.

Alright, last but certainly not least. Some NW Sol for ya. This kind of honest rap has got a great West-Coast feel to it and gives me confidence/excitement for the future of hip-hop. Look out for the Prince of Seattle in the near future. Let it flow.

That's a wrap, go Packers.



For some reason the only music I've been posting as of late has had some ties to Australia. Its a pure coincidence. Or its probably because that country has been pumping out some spectacular music in the past few years: The Presets, Cut Copy, Miami Horror, Midnight Juggernauts, DCUP, GLOVES, Das Moth, Damn Arms... to just name a few. Well, now you can add RÜFÜS to that illustrious list. RÜFÜS are three dudes from Sydney who have that unique Australian sound which I'm currently infatuated with.

Their tunes consist of a lo-fi groove generated by subtle beats, an alluring melody and dreamy vocals. Their vocals has a Presets sound to it especially when it reaches the falsetto like in Paris Collides (my fave). They recently released their first EP of their own label MONEKELEON but they have plans to release a club version of We Left with remixes from Go Go Bizkitt!, Brokeone, Symbolone, Beaumont, Springflower, Monseiur Adi, and Ride the Universe. A solid list of remixers so you know I'll be eagerly awaiting that release. Hopefully they'll release an album soon because I could use some more RÜFÜS in my life.