Fabian - Last Flight

Good. You made it. Fabian has always been my favorite producer off of the Binary label. The man can really work a synth. His debut album Say Goodbye is set to release August 22nd and he is teasing us all with his first single of that album. The vocals in Last Flight will instantly get stuck in your head but the track really kicks off once the bass line comes in. Check out some of his other work below.


RAC Mixtape

Andre from RAC has a brand new mixtape for Modular. It has a bunch of unreleased tracks and even a remix of Strength! It's a very sexy mix that'll get you ready for summertime fun.

01. Rimer London – Love Dagger
02. Dana Bergquist – Can’t Get Enough (Midnight Savari Remix)
03. Bag Raiders – Not Over
04. Laird and John Pickett – Ohhhh, Ma Ma Ma
05. Hemingway – Yume
Stevie Wonder - Do I Do (U-Tern Edit)
07. Mobroder – Rush (In Flagranti Remix)
08. Holy Ghost! – Static On The Wire (RAC Mix)
09. David August – Hamburg is For Lovers
10. Chymera – Curl
11. Mario Basanov – Up
12. Tinpong – New Religion (Marcus Marr Remix)
13. Black Van – Moments of Excellence
14. Karl Kling – K.A.R.L
15. Strength – Metal (RAC Karl Kling Mix)
16. Shit Robot – Take Em Up (Marcus Marr Remix)
17. Van Mccoy – The Hustle (RAC Edit ft. Troupe Gammage)
18. Golden Bug – Washing Machine (Moullinex Remix)
19. Modjo – Lady Hear Me Now


Reachin' Out Compilation

This is an awesome compilation that features unreleased tracks by some pretty solid producers (Quinten 909, Justin Faust, Phantom's Revenge, Free Magic...). Not only is the music great but all proceeds are donated to the Red Cross for their Japan Relief aid. A $5 minimum donation will get you these tracks which is well worth the money considering the quality of some of them. Good music for a good cause.


Some springtime jams for ya, dudes.

Straightforward: Here are some great songs for spring. Listen to it when you're like, holy shit, it's super nice out and I want to project a musical accompaniment to my great experiences outdoors! Wonderful!

Star Slinger is super soothing, chopped up vocals over great beats and melodies. Kind've reminds me of Pogo's take on chopping Disney movies. And it might just be because it has 'walk
in the title, but its a damn good 'walking through a busy area with headphones on' song.

Madeon's take on Que veux - tu is almost old era, funky chopped up banger. But instead of sticking entirely with that, the song incorporates some dreamy, swirly Futurecop-esque aspects. Tis great.
Btdubs, Yelle is coming to Portland on May 15th.

Also, hell, why not some Avicii.