Tuesday Chillwave

Got a few chill tracks for you chillers to chill out to on this fine grey Tuesday. The first one is a remix by new VC favorite Teen Daze. Oddly enough, it sounds like a mix between Toro Y Moi and Venetian Snares. Chillwave melodies with IDM/experimental style beats. A must have.

Houses/Teen Daze - Bikes (Remix) by blackacid

Download the High Quality fo FREE here

Next we have a bangin' Cosmonaut Gretchko remix of an awesome Japanese band that has been around for a decade: Capsule. It's amazing how good Japanese vocals sound over chillwave synths, it just sounds right.
Capsule - I Wish You (Cosmonaut Grechko Bootleg) by Cosmonaut Grechko

Finally, get some Dougie in your system. If you don't know how to do the dance you can either get taught or ignore the phenomenon completely because it is utterly inconsequential and wholly uninteresting. But this mashup is pretty cool i guess.

The Hood Internet - Dougie Vision (Cali Swag District x Toro Y Moi) by hoodinternet


Arcade Fire Interactive Music Video Website

Go to this website here and enter in the address of your childhood home and let Arcade Fire tug on your heart strings. Its a surprisingly unexpectedly awesome music video for the song "Used to Wait" off of their new album The Suburbs. Find your way into their sold-out show September 30th at the Memorial Coliseum. Do it!


Oh Guidance Counselor....

Those studio recordings sound fantastic, and this video isn't bad either:


Aeroplane Late July Mix

Aeroplane absolutely kills it. Period. Unsurprisingly their late July mix is no exception. The wait for their full length album has been way too long, but don't fear, "We Can't Fly" it comes out in less than a month (Sept 6). Until then throw this mix on the hi-fi and relax. It's still summer right?

Aeroplane Late July Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

Tracklisting (via stoneyroads)

  • Sweet G–Games People Play ( Instrumental )
  • Sarah Dash–Low Down Dirty Rhythm
  • Koto–Chinese Revenge ( Maxi Version )
  • Everything Everything–My Kz, Ur Bf ( Grum Remix ) gb 192
  • Sheharzad–Yalla Yalla ( Kid Who Remix )
  • Chromeo–Don’t Turn the Lights On ( Aeroplane Remix )
  • Omar–Feeling You ( Henrik Schwarz Remix )
  • The Chemical Brothers–Swoon ( Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix )
  • Goldfrapp–Believer ( Joris Voorn Remix )
  • Yoko Ono–Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him
Bonus 2008 nostalgia remixed with new vocals:

I Crave Paris by Aeroplane (Official)



Got a couple thick tracks for yall today. It's not easy to create layered soundscapes rich with white noise and reverberated synth blips, and its even harder to do so and maintain a sense of cohesiveness in such a track. The first song is a huge sounding remix of Delorean's "Real Love" by VC favorites LightsoverLA. The sense of space is created with generous but tasteful use of static noise and dreamy nature sounds. Definitely worth checking out.

Delorean-Real Love (LightsoverLA Remix)

The next track is a remix of Fenech-Soler's Lies by UK Dub/Electronica producer Doctor P. The beat is a bit dubby but contrary to the norm the rest of the song not only lacks wobble bass but also features a definitive melody. Very large and epic sounding, lots of noise. The original is worth checking out too.

Fenech-Soler-Lies (Doctor P Remix)

{Also Chromeo tore shit up in Portland last weekend Chromeo-Call Me Up (Bagraiders Mix)}



This has been a wild summer, yeah? Well keep those cut-offs and tanks because this weekend its about to get a tad wilder. Think dj's, booze, bbq, sunshine and dancing. How are we gonna do this?

Well check this out.

First step, for all of you who are lucky to be on the 21+ side, on Saturday, August 21st go to this. Flosstradamus will be gracing our city to bring magic and mayhem in the form of turntables. Our buddies Serious Business and a grip of other awesome acts such as Rude Dudes, Sistafist, Lionsden and Cory O will all be there as well. Oh yeah, Potato Champion will be slinging fries and there'll be a BBQ in the backyard of the Branx.

Sold Yet? Hold up, because there's more goodness to be had on Sunday, August 22nd. The Do-Over, the awesome backyard bbq dj event crew from Los Angeles will be putting on their second Portland installation. Its free, there'll be BBQ, booze and dancing. They also will have mystery guest dj's showing up. Who's it gonna be? In the past they've had luminaries such as Mary Anne Hobbs, A-Trak, Madlib, Jazzy Jeff and Flying Lotus show up to their LA events. So this is sure to be big.

RSVP for The Do-Over here at


Justin Bieber goes ambient and blows your mind.

I'm not going to take much time describing teen pop superstar Justin Bieber to you all because regardless of whether or not you enjoy his music, you've had to at least absorb a little of his pumpkin pie hair cut image by osmosis. Found by Usher on Youtube, he's currently filling the dreams & creaming the jeans of every tween across North America (and empyting their dad's wallets). Yeah, sure, whatever. That does not mean he is wholly without merit.

Soundcloud user Scamantis has taken Biebs' song "U Smile" and turned it into the ambient track of the year by slowing it down 800% while keeping the pitch intact. The result is a 35 minute long oceanic stargazing meditation that will give you chills of Icelandic proportions. The original's simple cymbals are liquified into the crashes of the sea while the shell of Bieb's trite promises of doin' wuteva his grl wants break away as the song leaps into serenity to reveal the forlorn callings of a much older, otherworldly soul.

I honestly want you to listen to the entire 35 minute track here below. Just lie down and put on your headphones and close your eyes.

  J. BIEBZ - U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

Now, check out the original.

I love how there is unintentionally a beautiful Sigur Ros-level masterpiece hidden within a fucking Justin Bieber song. Keep your eyes and ears open, Volcano City!

edit: for those still interested, i've reupped this track to mediafire. psw is this post's tag.


New Cut Copy at Lollapalooza. Sheeeit.

So some of the Volcano City dudes are at lollapalooza right now. And they'll probably have their own videos of all the mediocre fun they're having there.

While we wait though, lets check out some videos of Cut Copy performing two songs from their coming album. And Hearts on Fire. I am totally not worried about their new cd not living up to the hype anymore.

The first vid is them performing Blink and You'll Miss the Revolution then switching it up to Hearts on Fire. This seems to quell any suspicions that their new cd was moving away from 80s electronic influences.

Do you think they ever get typed of the big drop in Hearts on Fire?
Do you think I'll ever get tired of his dance moves?

And here's their first single off the album being performed live. If you want the mp3 pick it up here.

Hopefully, upon returning from the festival, we'll have some more personalized vids. Until then, we rely on the youtubes.

And hell, another video just cause it looks like so much fun.


After Dark After Daark After Daaark

This is one of the catchiest songs I've heard in a while. The Count & Sinden have full album coming out later this month on Domino Records entitled Mega Mega Mega. I'm very excited for this one because if the whole album sounds like this song then the end of summer can't be all that bad.


Walter Sobcek covers Hall & Oates

Walter Sobcek is actually two cool dudes who hail from Germany and France (of course...). They have a grip of remixes out but their cover they did of Hall & Oates' She's Gone is amazing. It's a funky pop love song that when listening, transports you to a wonderful dream world that you wish you could bring someone special along with you. The video explains it all. We'll have more about these dudes when their EP drops next month.


Teen Daze for days

So after the shitshow that was last weekend, this here guy has needed some mellower music. Well while perusing hypem I ran across some more music by Teen Daze, a very mellow "chillwave" artist (I feel using that term is already looked down upon) with some fantastic remixes. As it turns out, Teen Daze has some great original material as well.

From what I can gather, its a guy from Vancouver who is quickly picking up some buzz. And for good reason. I hadn't heard a ONE remix that I was particularly fond of... but the energy that builds up into the swirling, ethereal climax is just nuts. I mean it really makes you want the beat to drop.

Yeasayer - ONE (Teen Daze Remix)

Teen Daze also did two great remixes of indie wonderkids Local Natives. Same thing: he knows how to build up a song. Here's one of 'em.

Local Natives - Wide Eyes (Teen Daze Remix)

And here's something original.

Teen Daze - Gone for the Summer (Part Two)

Go check out the Teen Daze myspace and look up their other stuff on hypem. It was hard to pick and choose what to share here, its all worth listening to.

And for anyone in San Francisco: There will be a Teen Daze record release party at Milk on Haight Street on Aug. 12th. And from what I've heard from the other bands' myspaces, it should be a damn enjoyable show. And I'ma be there.

Here are some of the other dudes playing with Teen Daze on August 12th. I'm rather fond of them.

blackbird blackbird myspace

Kites Sail High myspace


Sunday night kicked ass for two reasons

The first reason:

Luciano Oliveira from The Twelves, RAC, and Remy the Restless played consecutive DJ sets till 3AM at a Portland house party.

The second Reason:

The show happened to be at Volcano City's House.

I wish we had recorded the set itself because I would be listening to it right now. Luciano has a way of blending songs together with The Twelves' disco-infused beats which made it hard to stop dancing. This resulted in a sexy sweat lodge of a basement filled with sticky people, and yet somehow Luciano managed to stay cool and collected as he rounded out a 2 hour set at 3:15 in the AM. We already wish we could do last weekend just one more time. LUCIANNNNOOOOOOOO! Please come back and party with VC again soon!

More vids HERE and HERE and HERE