Utter Euphoria

More bubbly major scales and swirling synths for your summer commutes. Toro Y Moi's remix of The Longcut's "Repeated" is my favorite song on Broken Hearts, a remix album of Open Hearts, the Longcut's sophomore album. Very euphoric.

The Longcut - Repeated (Toro Y Moi Remix)


Australian Yacht House.....Take Me Away

I don't know about you but I didn't hear about Damn Arms until this year. If you haven't yet, now is the time. More after the jump.


Breakbot Baby I'm Yours VIDEO


The Mercury, You Slay Me.

The Oregonian's article about the recent controversy over a Portland cop entering an anarchist cafe, buying a coffee, and then being told to leave had the above photo running along with it. The Portland Mercury in all its hilarity noticed that it looks more like a band's press photo than a co-op anarchist café's staff. "Name That Band!" they said. Hilarity ensues.
Some of my favorites:
"There's No Such Thing As Vegan Cocaine"
"Original Angsters"
"Clap Your Hands Say Meh"
"The Just Moved From California Raisins"
"The Meh Meh Mehs"

Send in your suggestion and maybe they'll start offering a prize. Read all the comments here.


Party-Poppin' courtesy LBCK and La Zebra

Over down in the Long Beach/LA area there are some promising things afoot, chief of these being the ridiculously catchy and smooth tracks from brother-bands LBCK and La Zebra. Recently, they've both released new songs, and whether you're a DJ looking for something fresh to upload into your Serato, or just a music junkie looking for something to soundtrack your bike ride, both of these songs will fit the bill.

Jump, jump, jump for the new music.


Y∆CHT came to town, and VC got an interview

Once in about a thousand blue moons, a column of light emerges from the Corvallis sky and shines upon this humble agricultural town in the form of Oregon State University’s annual Flat Tail Festival, hosted by the university’s Memorial Union Programs Council. In past years the festival has been graced with “talent” the likes of Shwayze… but this year, thanks to the organizers, Corvallis came to life with the sounds of Portland’s very own Y∆CHT.

Y∆CHT is the brainchild of Jona Becholt and Claire Evans, who both assume the dual role of leader and founder for this collective. Mind you, Y∆CHT is not only a band, but also a belief system and an experience. Rounding out their musical clergy are Portland notables Bobby Birdman (Rob Kieswetter) and Jeffrey Jerusalem (Jeffrey Brodsky). Their music entrenches one into their world, working its way into the hearts, minds and hips of everyone who should choose to participate. It’s spastic music that manages to find that deep, sensual groove; and bring everyone into its ecstatic fold.
After their incredible set at the festival, Y∆CHT was gracious enough to grant VC the chance to ask them a few questions. First you’ll find a few questions with the lovely Claire Evans, and below I was able to ask Y∆CHT founder Jona Bechtolt the same few questions. Scope it after the jump.


Let the seasons wash over you, and revel in summer.

Arcade Fire, once again, will take over.

The oft-imitated but never replicated saviors of indie-rock, Arcade Fire, have been laying dormant since the release of their sophomore album Neon Bible in 2007 (save for the Obama stumping they did). Now, a looong three years later they are ready to unleash upon the world a new album, The Suburbs, and will embark on a tour in support of said album. A few days ago they had a secret, private warm-up show in Montreal (their first live show in almost 3 years!) to kick off the tour, and if the videos are any indication the new album, and tour, will be very, very good.

Click after the jump for embedded videos


got this text...

"1st ever guerilla style BlueberryPieCake under hawthorn bridge water and madison tomorrow 630 start time, end while it gets dark. bring blankets chairs candles and masks. No cans or bottles sippy cups only for we dont want open container fines wooo hooo spread the word@"
Do we know what this entails exactly? No. Do we get the gist of it? Yes. Are we going to be there with masks on to watch the sun set over Volcano City? You better bet your last Blueberry pie cake.


Hey -- Iceland's still cool!

What volcano?

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

By the way, you never had to convince me of anything, Iceland. Still S2 you.

Hussle Club.

The dude looks like a more-hood Prince, sounds like Yeasayer, and chills harder than a frozen kimono. Hussle Club is Prince Terrence, guest drummer for Santogold, Spank Rock, Heartsrevolution and Major Lazer. With that golden pedigree behind him, he rocked SXSW in March. He's only released a few songs out randomly so far, but expect big things from this guy. Clubs are the best when there is only one member.

I Have High Expectations For What I Want To Be But In The Mirror I Don't See Them Staring Back At Me - Hussle Club
Loose Tights (VHS Or Beta Remix) - Hussle Club


Toro y Moi's new angle

Toro y Moi has a new single out and it sounds different than his usual beats. Its sounds a lot more pop-rock revival in the vein of Pearl Harbor, Vivian Girls, etc than the chillwave drawl of Causers of This. The change is good. Toro y Moi rocked the Hawthorne Theater with Caribou last week, too. Really bangin.

Toro y Moi - Leave Everywhere

Also, we have a lot of videos from Sasquatch coming up here of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Miike Snow and The Very Best, to name a few. This is a one second clip of the three day megafest of fun: