Serious Business in a Dildo Workshop.

Our buddy Danny from Serious Business allowed this exclusive Volcano City footage to be taken inside the Serious Business secret workshop to check out the band's avant-garde motif & mission statement: dildos for all. They're currently scouting around for the perfect spot to film a music video for their track Freezer Burn, so keep yoself posted up on here for it.


Del ripped it down last night

The Rotture hosted a free hip hop concert last night with the highlight being Del The Funky Homosapien. He finally got on stage at around one oclock and seemed pretty messed up...but whatever. He closed the night out with the Gorillaz song "Clint Eastwood"...well, it was the beats and chorus of Clint Eastwood but Deltron thought it appropriate to ad-lib every verse. Pretty great stuff. Pop over to youtube to watch it fullscreen in HD.


The Twelves are almost here

We all know that the Brazil'z finest, The fucking Twelves will be tearing up the Whiskey Bar this weekend in Portland so to put all you fine Portlanders in the mood for it, here's a live set Luciano (1/2 of the Twelves) did over Valentines day earlier this year. They've done plenty of live mixes before but this one for me takes the cake. It's TWO HOURS LONG. A few good tracks to listen for are a Justin Timberlake remix, Hot Chip remix and of course a Radiohead remix. A few of us were lucky enough to see them last summer in Vancouver BC and it was the most fun I've ever had dancing at a show. Get fucking jacked people. This weekend is going to be EPIC!

(The talking is annoying so just listen to the music)


Skream/La Roux collaboration

So by now, everyone's heard that Skream remix of La Roux's In for the Kill that everyone went kinda crazy for last year, maybe even on the La Roux/Major Lazer mixtape that was released in May.

Well it seems like it was so well received that La Roux went ahead and collaborated on a song on Skream's up and coming album Outside the Box. The track features some La Roux singing that sounds just a tad different than what we heard on her album. But its a great song that slowly builds into something that would be perfect in some sort of epic electro-desert montage.

Skream - Finally (Featuring La Roux)


Active Child (Classixx Remix)

I absolutely love this song. I had it on repeat for about an hour during my Fallout 3 binge gaming sesh yesterday which is strange looking back on it because it is a slow tempo love making tune that'll set the mood for any settting. The polar opposite of the type of video game Fallout is. Whatever, enough with the nerd talk and give the track a listen. You won't be disappointed. (But you never really are with our posts right? RIGHT??)

The Dirty Tees

Hey guys. I figured out how to upload again. And now I bring to you some bangin' remixes.

The Dirty Tees are some Toronto natives with a story about how they made music separately and now make it together and attend University and overall seem like pretty cool dudes. Anywho, their music is kind of a blend of all sorts of electronic, very energetic, keeps you guessing where its gonna go next, and overall can get pretty chaotic (in a good way) sometimes. Mainly, it gets me pumped as shit. And look at how well they're dressed.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs remix hits real hard. All you dubstep haters give the Two Door Cinema Club a bit of time, the beginning may not be your thing but it REALLY grows. And I dono, listen to the Bulletproof remix cause its really good too.

Yeah yeah yeahs - Dull Life (The Dirty Tees Remix)

Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (The Dirty Tees Remix)

La Roux - Bulletproof (The Dirty Tees Remix)

They also have a great 1901 remix, but I'll send you over to their myspace or their website for it and their other music.


LA ZEBRA oh how you sound so good

Our buddy Robbie Metcalf who runs MTC sent me a promo pack of goodies from Mozzarella Recordings' compilation which is out now on iTunes and one track (of the many) that caught my ear was LA ZEBRA's Wrong Number. Three words: bangin', bangin', and BANGIN'. It's an absolute must if you're looking to add some funkiness to your DJ set. AND this dude is only 19 years and he's pounding out some amazingly funky electro beats. Very reminiscent of Louis La Roche who I fucking love. Keep an eye on this kid as he's sure to blow up in the near future.

Happy fucking Wednesday:



Its mid July. You are used to the sun by now, increasing grilling, day drinking and outdoor adventures significantly. Has your soundtrack kept up? There have been a good amount of albums dropping, but are they all the right fit for your summer lifestyle? I wouldn't want to have bangers playing during my hangover or Memoryhouse playing when I'm trying to rage.
On the off chance you are still knee-deep in the chillwave/glo-fi movement I suggest checking out BrotherTiger. The sound is very reminiscent of most of the hot chillers out there right now such as Memorytapes, Washed out and Neon Indian. BrotherTiger's debut EP "Vision Tunnels" is perfect if you have been playing Toro y moi's album on repeat but want something new.
Check him out on Myspace here. And Download the EP for 1$ from him or for free ninety nine here


Hooray for Cut Copy

It's been awhile since we've heard some new Cut Copy but the Melbourne boys are back with a brand new single titled Where I'm Going. Personally, it's not an absolute favorite track of mine but it is refreshing hearing some brand new Cut Copy. A decent song that makes me eager to hear a brand new album from them.


Teen Girl Fantasy

Teengirl Fantasy makes tunes that sound like sweeping dreamscapes only possible in imaginationland topped off with really intense beats. Thus far they have only released a short EP and a Single, but I hear the two Oberlin college kids are hard at work on a full length debut LP, and I have to admit I can't wait.

They explore sounds that are alien and surreal, but also transform these sounds into nostalgic artifacts that sound as though they've been playing in your head your entire life. Also their website is something to see as it is utterly befitting of the band name.

Teengirl Fantasy - Portofino


Cee-Lo Covers Band of Horses

Cee-Lo Green reminds everybody that the shit he pulled in Gnarls Barkley was just for kicks with this great music video starring the girl you almost wrecked yourself with but will tell your grandparents about years from now. The girl that Band of Horses was singing about originally in this song, No One's Gonna Love You, has just left those indie dorks for Cee-Lo's black ass. Its not a song of forlorn unrequited love anymore, its Cee-Lo telling this girl that no one's gonna love her but him. Word.