Thirsty Thursday Mix Volume 7!

You didn't think we'd let you spend your Thursday night without the company of our Thirsty Thursday Mix, did'ya? You know the deal, you can put this on to woo your girl/guy, you can throw it on to soundtrack your party, you can bump it while riding your bike, you can listen to it while walking around campus, feeling cool, saying "hey whatsup witchugirl?" You can do all of these things, just remember to thank us while you're doing it.

Volcano City Thirsty Thursdays Mix Volume 7 click it to tick-it

"Spaghetti Circus" - Still Going
"Honey Trap" - We Have Band
"United Groove (Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team VIP Dub)" - L-VIS 1990
"La Vie Moderne" - Logo
"Unfinished Pop" - Adventures. with Might!
"Poupée de cire Poupée de son" - France Gall
"Sorry (Dirty South Mix)" - Kaskade
"Empathy" - Crystal Castles
"We Are Rockstars" - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
"Prewnn" - Breakfast Mountain
"Star" - Boba Fettuccini
"You Are Out (Frankmusic Remix)" - Dead Disco
"Night Falls Won't Back Down" - Booka Shade vs. Plastic Operator
"Dog Days Are Over" - Florence + The Machine

Rusko + Amber Coffman

I've never really liked dubstep because I thought it was all the same kind of wammp wammp wammp stuff over and over. Then I went to a dubstep-only party and boy, was my face red. It was the dopest thing of all time! So maybe my weak MacBook built-in speakers are not the preferred method of listening to the genre. In that case, get the most jacked up bass amps money can buy then grab three hundred of your closest friends into a basement and watch the sweat drip from the ceiling.

This is the Sub Focus remix of the newest track from Rusko, somebody I'm extremely excited to see play at Lollapalooza this summer. Mad Decent is releasing his LP OMG! He's teamed up with Amber Coffman, the girl from Dirty Projectors, to bring this fun track out to everybody. Now go find some speakers. No, headphones won't do. Maybe those big ones will. I don't know, try it. No? I told you. Go borrow your room mate's, he won't care. Of course the cord won't stretch that far, bring yo - just bring your computer into his room! Jesus.

Rusko - Hold On feat. Amber Coffman (Sub Focus Remix)


(NEW) Sleigh Bells - "Tell 'Em"

The party-starting, head-banging crunk/rock duo Sleigh Bells have been accumulating fans this past year on the strength of their demos like "Crown on the Ground" and "A/B Machine," as well as their energetic and engaging live show. Now, signed with M.I.A.'s N.E.E.T. Label, they are preparing to release their debut album Treats on May 11th via the aforementioned N.E.E.T. label as well as Mom + Pop Records. In anticipation of this upcoming album, they are giving away their first track from the album "Tell 'Em," and it can be downloaded here.

Now, that website is probably going to induce a seizure, so if you want to avoid your eyes bleeding, just download it below

Sleigh Bells - Tell 'Em

MJ + chembros

Tomah Mackie has mashed up The Chemical Brothers' song The Boxer with Michael Jackson's fancy footwork. All I can say is Heehee!

Michael Jackson - King of Dance from Tomah Mackie on Vimeo.


MIA's documentary music video + David Holmes track

Its great of Maya to, y'know, say kind of like "What if?" about racism n stuff. I mean this is what Vietnam was all about, y'know? President Bush is such a dick! The 1960s!

In other serious news, here we have a real heavy hitter from Irish DJ David Holmes, remixed by My Bloody Valentine leader Kevin Shields. Don't expect it to get all Lost in Translation, though. This track is designed to keep you dancing to its machinegun rhythm guitar and handclaps. I love the girls wailing in the background, they throw in this great soul aspect. I can't help but think of Edwin Starr.
Get in your tank, get a couple of foxy mammas as your gunners, put this on and crash through the Pentagon. Or just play it at your next dance party and watch people start coupling up. You'll look and feel like a boss either way.

David Holmes - Living Room (Kevin Shields Remix) click to dl


Super Commodore - "Making My Day" Ep

Cradling the line between "fresh" and "heavy," Super Commodore is a Parisian DJ/Producer that hangs out with some dudes from some label called Ed Banger Records. He's been slowly building his rep in dance clubs around the world, and is now ready to release his latest EP, called "Making My Day" to the world, via KIEZ BEATS Records on May 11th. Here, on Volcano City, we can't get enough of French House, making Super Commodore a welcome addition to our playlists. Hit the jump for a preview of the EP and some choice tracks from it.


Health - USA Boys

Nice little laidback track from Health here for you. Airy vocals over a catchy hip-hop esque beat droning on and on wants me to make the comparison between USA Boys and being hungover on an incredibly nice day. You want to get up and go somewhere but you're probably just going to lie down in your back yard. This song is the equivalent of that. And also you're wearing one of those Drug Rug sweatshirts like they are in this photo.



Get Silly with the Silly Kissers!

Hailing from Montreal, the Silly Kissers are a 5 piece synth-pop band that create songs that are catchy as hell and make you want to run through a field on a sunny day. The music is vaguely reminiscent of the soundtrack that is playing in your dreams when you travel through intergalactic space on a magic tricycle.Just in time for the summer, I give you the Silly Kissers

Silly Kissers - Halloween Summer
Silly Kissers - Treat Me Like You Do

"I want you to imagine...."

"I want you to imagine the best possible combinations of remixers and tracks. Now imagine me laughing at your imagination. It hurts, doesn’t it? That’s because in your imaginary heart you know that you couldn’t be farther off in terms of quality and general excitement."

-Tiga, in an interview with Bugged Out! Zine

Wtf, dude.



Tobacco enlisted Beck to throw down the vocals for his latest song, a 1:35 second jam called Fresh Hex. The lyrics are pretty much awesomely alliterative jibber jabber based on the letter "c", and it sounds like it could have been a B-Side to Beck's song Loser from '93. The beats are standard Tobacco, but noticeably more upbeat than what he did on his solo album Fucked Up Friends. All in all a nice little track.

Tobacco - Fresh Hex (featuring Beck) sorry, spaced out. Click to download.

New M.I.A. Song - "Born Free"

All I wanna do is listen-to-MIA's-new-song, and shake my moneeeeehhhh. For real though, M.I.A., the angsty, and Lagy-Gaga hating songstress has a new album coming out June 29th via N.E.E.T./Interscope, and it has been described by producer Diplo as a "mix between Animal Collective and Gucci Mane." Now if that doesn't salivate your musical glands, then that fact that Diplo, Rusko, Switch, Blaqstarr, and Sleigh Bells' Derek Miller all served as producers surely will.

Until then, when the world collapses upon itself due to everyone dancing (MIAquake?), we've got the first song from this sure-to-be-ridiculous album here for you to listen to. It's a very heavy track, and very, very, punk. M.I.A. declares herself to be "Born Free" with the title of the song, but hey, we already knew that, didn't we?

M.I.A. -Born Free


Thirsty Thursday Mix Vol. 6

Alright you crazy kids, its that time of the week for Volcano City to supply you with a mix that will quench your thirst as you prepare for another wild weekend. This weeks jams are sure to get you up and dancing all night so don't be afraid to turn that bass and volume to max levels to wake up your boring ass neighbors. GO BLAZERS!

Thirsty Thursday Mix Vol. 6

Julian Casablancas - 11th Dimension
Daft Punk - Revolution 909
Cut Copy - Lights and Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)
Staygold - Backseat
Thomas Bangalter - Colossus (Re-edit)
Mr. Oizo - Jo
Cicada - Mr. P Star
Busy P - To Protect and Entertain (Crookers Remix)
Louis La Roche - Prick Stick
Mr. Oizo - Postif
The Virgins - Rich Girls (Hemingway Remix)
MYLO - Zenophile
Cassian - Final Round
Erland Oye - Sudden Rush (Twelves Remix)
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke - Penthouse Serenade
Empire of the Sun - Standing On A Shore (Cassian Remix)
Discotech vs. C.I.T.Y. - Music Sounds Better With Your Friends (Justice/Stardust Mashup)

Kitsune Maison 9

We are more than excited for the release of the 9th edition of the record label Kitsune's compilation disk, and you should be too. Here's a five minute minimix Jbag lovingly put together comprising of 13 of the 18 tracks. The compilation releases on April 26th.

Yeasayer Remix contest!

In order for Mad Decent to promote rad music and Aviary to promote their new free online music editing program, a test of cunning, bravery and skill shall take place. Starting today and continuing til May 14th, Yeasayer will be holding a contest to find the best remix of their single, ONE. Remember that music video? Within that timeframe is two weeks to make it and one week to vote on it.
Prizes include internet fame via Mad Decent, Yeasayer's O.N.E. LP, and a copy of Traktor Scratch Pro. Four runner-ups get earbuds, the LP, and a T SHIRT!
Seeing as to how the editing software is free, online, and comes with an instructional video with all the necessary stems available as well, I don't see why anybody wouldn't mess around with it and try it out. Let's see what Volcano City readers can come up with!


Kisses Kisses Kisses

Somewhere in the vast, never-ending universe that is the interweb, I stumbled upon some tracks by a fantastic duo called Kisses. Instantly, I was taken by their smooth, dreamy indie pop sound. After gracing the stage of SSXW this year, their debut album The Heart of the Nightlife drops at the end of this year and I couldn't be more excited. Based out of LA, their sound almost sounds like a mixture between Neon Indian and the XX. Give their tracks a few listens and let me know if you can't think of anything but playing under the Portland sun on a nice summer day, sipping on some beers and enjoying the good times with your friends.

Kisses - Kisses

Kisses - Bermuda

Am I right or am I right?

Special delivery from Jamaica

We got some great stuff sent to us today that I know is gonna help carry you through the rest of these gloomy rainy days until that beautiful season of party 'n bullshit we call summer. Jamaica (formerly known as Poney Poney), are the Parisian duo of Antoine Hilaire and Flo Lyonnet. Right now they're working on their debut album which is being produced by none other than Xavier de Rosnay of Justice and the sound engineer that worked with Daft Punk, Peter Franco. Needless to say, we're expecting great things. The album includes the almost annoyingly catchy track, "I think I like U 2", which if you haven't checked out yet, skip everything and scroll down the page for that little piece of indie pop gold. And hey, if this guy likes it, they must be doing something right. The album is coming out soon so we can't wait. Until then, check out their Bermuda Party Compilation along with some Breakbot and Buffalo Bunch remixes after the break that'll have you bee boppin' all the way to those sunny, summer days.


Lightin' it up...again

Yet another great remix from the up-and-coming Phoenix based electro artist, lightsoverLA, and what else would you have expected? With their last two extremely well put together remixes making it to the top 20 list on Hypem, one gracing the number 1 spot while the other coming one shy of the top spot, there were some high expectations for this one. Enter Crystal Castles new track "Vietnam" from their latest LP, and what they've come up with is a ravey reinterpretation of the song, chopping parts of it up and propelling it even further. As always, it's a great song to throw down on the dancefloor, and we can't wait to to hear more remixes and (hopefully) some new original material. I personally recommend ripping a bowl of the finest Oregon dro and putting this on today. Happy 4/20 y'all.

Crystal Castles - Vietnam (lightsoverla remix)

ps. If you find yourself hanging out in Santa Monica on May 8th, hit up The V-Lounge for one of the best show line-ups I've seen in a while. Twelves, Grum, Short Curcuit, and LightsoverLA. Damn. Go 'zers.

ANOTHER new RAC remix

Wow, the Remix Artist Collective just won't stop. Here we have RAC's newest endeavor, a laidback gleaming disco remix of The Temper Trap's Sweet Disposition. Check it out and have it cool you off during this weird humid day. I heard Marcus Camby loves it. Go 'Zers.


In the wise words of Eiffel 65, "Move your body"

Yeah, so Uffie's new track is kind of hot shit. And it made me want to move parts of my body. It also made me want to share some other stuff that has the same effect on me that I've had saved up for the previous weeks.

So, the new song. Having Pharrell on the track = smart move. Having a bootybangin' bass beat similar to Pop the Glock to remind people why they originally listened to Uffie, also a smart move. Also changing up her usual voice/cadence a little bit to show that not only is she more original, but also is more diverse than that harlot Ke$ha = you get the picture. Her album, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, has been 'about to come out' for like 3 years, but hopefully the current release of 'spring 2010' will hold true.

Uffie ft. Pharrell - ADD SUV.mp3

And as promised, here are some other songs that'll get you moving, in some way or another.

Feel Good - Prod. by S.O.V..mp3

Fever Ray-I'm Not Done (RD REMIX).mp3

And as a bonus, semi-related to Mitch's post, is Toro y Moi's wonderful take on a Tegan & Sara song.
Alligator (Toro Y Moi Remix).mp3

Pic related: this will hopefully be you after listening to these songs.



Les Sins? Lessins? Toro y Moi's other band?

Whatever you want to call it, Chaz Bundick AKA Toro y Moi has a dancey Disco-House side project that's guaranteed to please, especially when mixed with the occasional warm spring day in the Northwest. The track "Lina" is just catchy enough that the 90s House style repetition is welcome, not tiresome.

Les Sins - Lina

Bundick's music has an undeniable warmth to it, can't wait to hear what he comes out with next.

Bonus: Another one of Chaz' fuzzy-warm (upbeat) jams.

Toro Y Moi - Bend Your Body

Record Store Goodies!

As you very well already know, yesterday was Record Store day, because you probably went to your awesome local record store and bought some of the exclusive Record Store Day vinyl releases. Oh, what's that? You didn't? Fortunately, us here at Volcano City have got your backs and are providing you with some of the best from yesterday's releases. Click after the break for these awesome new tunes!


Tesla Boy: Retro 80s Russian Electro DancePop

Sooooo these guys seem pretty damn cool. These Russians are a fine substitute while we all wait for Cut Copy to release some new material. I mean, look at the guys. And they're called Tesla Boy. Upon first listening to them I had to check to make sure I wasn't hearing some old gem from the 80's. It can be pretty spacey, or dancey, or seductive, I guess, and Electric Lady has one of the better choruses/buildups this side of Hearts on Fire, if I do say so myself.

Tesla Boy - Electric Lady
Tesla Boy - Runaway Man
Tesla Boy - Neon Love

and yeah, the picture kinda fucked up when I saved it, but I think it ended up lookin' kinda rad.

Record Store Day!

Today is Record Store Day! Go out and grab some vinyl. Oh man you just.bought. a record last week and it was like twenty bucks! Should've waited for the holiday, my friend, because now you gotta do it again. I think records are an awesome way to listen to music. In other news, water is wet.

Jackpot Records' is having two FREE events at their downtown location at 203 SW 9th today. At 3pm the guy from Grails will be spinning some jams, which is going to be...I have no idea. Grails is crazy. Itll be good.
Then at 5 the new amalgam Ylang Ylang will be performing. Ylang Ylang is a band with an almost completely null myspace consisting of Charlie from Panther (despite this being musically distant from Panther, expect the same live exuberance from him) with Ricci of Patterns, Caroline of Spooky Dance Band and Jake from Joggers and The Shaky Hands. The members of Ylang Ylang have described themselves as "the Who if the Moody Blues and Sonic Youth were playing at the same time." Should be pretty interesting.
Attendance of this would most likely increase chances of meeting a new girlfriend/boyfriend who likes a certain winning trifecta - free live music, big stupid CDs or whatever the hell those things are, and Volcano City.


Foster the People - Finally

So after a long hiatus of never having posted on here, I got my shit kind of together and decided to start. I've been meaning to post about Foster the People for awhile now. They blew up pretty hard on hypem bout 2 months ago, after having formed in 2009. They're an LA based group of 4 guys (judging from the picture) that played around at SXSW this year. Anywho, the song is ridiculously catchy, with a fresh bassline and whistling that will stay stuck in your head for awhile.

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks

Keep track of their rugged good looks at their website

Next, the obligatory banger remix of the song. It has such good source material that its still pretty damn catchy.
Highweights, according to a myspace that I'm semi-sure is his, is a 21 year old dude from down south. More info on him later?

Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks (Highweights Remix)

So yeah, I'm posting now, so certain individuals can get all up off my back. And I'll try and stagger the stuff I've been saving up for the last month of procrastinating. Mohollo, bruddas.


Ohhhh man. Sultry swanksters (Swanksters? Sorry, I was drunk when I wrote this.) Chromeo have given us the ultimate dicktease of naming each and every song on their new album, Business Casual. Here it is:
Hot Mess
I'm Not Contagious
You Make It Rough
Don't Turn the Lights On
Grow Up
Night by Night
Don't Walk Away
When The Night Falls
The Right Type
J'ai Claque la Porte

Apparently, when Chromeo was first forming in 2001, one of the names they considered was Hi Jack. Good thing it was 2001 and that name was a little too touchy-of-a-subject or else we'd be stuck with a subpar name.

If you don't have this by now, then you aren't ready for summer 2010. See you at Lolla, Dave1 and P-Thugg.


Miike Snow 4/14 Show Review

"Lets go Lets Go Lets GO!" The agitated pleas of fellow Volcano City blogger Joal and I filled the stifling Chicago hotel room. The two girls continued to do their makeup or whatever the hell was taking them so long. Always with the makeup.
After the fourty minute train ride and fifteen minute walk, we flashed our bracelets at the Lollapalooza entrance. I sprinted to the stage Miike Snow was playing at, I was through waiting around for those two. I was dismayed to see they had already started their set, but i thought, I was here now so its okay. Wow, they're really killing it. I wonder if I've misse--
"Thank you Chicago!"
I hung my head. God Dammit. God Fucking Dammit. MANDI AND MIRANDA, YOU FUCKING TAKE FOREVER TO GET READY!
Last night was their first Portland all-ages show, having come to the Doug Fir back in October. Neither of us had had enough money to buy tickets, despite knowing about it for months, until it came up to bite us in the ass by being sold out. We decided to just try and buy an extra one off of somebody out front and showed up before doors opened. Nobody had any.
Miike Snow, expanded to six men for their tour with Delorean, was milling around their tour bus behind the Hawthorne Theater. One of them had a kid and wife in tow. The debate began towards the pros/cons of going straight to the horses mouth and asking the band to get us in, and soon our decision was made for us as they walked past to enter the venue.
We asked them if it wasnt too much of a longshot, because we really wanted to see the show and its all sold out, if they could possibly swing two extra tickets our way. Two of them looked to each other and said "Just two? Sure, what are your names?"
I was pretty stoked. We thanked them for being nice guys and awaited the concert.
I'm a big fan of Delorean too, and they definitely brought it but you could tell by the unmoving crowd that they were just there to see Miike Snow. The Hawthorne was half-empty for their whole set.
Miike Snow was huge. Absolutely huge. They choked the room with smoke before they went on wearing plain white masks. Each song was a singalong - everybody in the crowd was feeling it. Hightlights of the show were Plastic Jungle - the lead singer paused, thanked the crowd, and resumed playing with a crash of sound and white light. The entire encore was only three songs lengthened and reduced(expanded?) to stripped down rave versions about ten minutes long each.
Their performance of singalongtrack of 2009, Animal, was the song to see. Miike Snow played the whole thing accompanied by the crowd and then played the whole song again without any singing, playing faster and faster and faster until it was thrashing madhouse frenzy -- simply dope. Great performers.

A big thanks go out to the dudes of Miike Snow for being really cool about putting us on the guest list. Do NOT miss these guys at Sasquatch this year.

Mandi and Miranda, we forgive you now.


Speak- Carrie (RAC Remix)

If you're like me, oftentimes you'll listen to a song and imagine in your head how you could remix it. Then, when you set about remixing it, you'll find that it's awful and nothing like you imagined. Or it's just plain awful.
RAC (Remix Artist's Collective), doesn't seem to have this particular problem, as everything they touch seems to turn into gold. The new RAC remix of Speak's "Carrie" continues this trend, as the original song's pop guitar riff is stripped away, and in it's place is put a highly danceable beat, along with the other trademark RAC effects. The result is a brilliant reinterpretation that manages to stay true to the original song. Kudos, RAC.

Click after the break for the remix!

Passion Pit Might Have DJed Our Basement

One of VolcanoCity's finest bros turned twenty one this weekend and it just so happened that Passion Pit was rolling through Eugene. The drummer after the show was gracious enough to play a dj set at his house (gasp* not all VolcanoCity members reside in Ptown?) Well as you can guess we all had a damn fine time and danced our little buns off to the sweet sounds of dubstep. It was all a little surreal. Thank GOD our friend Marshal showed up with a snazzy camera to showcase the evening and give the world a glimpse as to how VolcanoCity gets down.

See more party pics after the break.

Dan Deacon remixes Owen Pallet

Freakin' Deacon himself remixed Owen Pallet's (the man who used to be Final Fantasy) song "Lewis Takes Off his Shirt". Dan, who was just in town for Reed College's Sunburn Festival this weekend, stretches the song out and gives it a Bromst-style buildup. It retains essentials from the original and Dan Deacon, however it ends up frankly sounding a lot like a Sufjan Stevens song.

Compare the two. What do you think?


ISA GT Pela'O Music Video

Isa GT is a little Colombian cutie who has been running parties in London for years. I want her to be my wife. Check out the Crookers remix of her song Pela'O. She has just released a debut EP on Man Recordings called "Pa 'Chikkiri". I don't know what language she's speaking either.


Two New LCD Soundsystem Songs

Over the weekend, while the Volcano City crew was out and about partaking in some sweet music events (we'll cover those later), a couple of songs from the upcoming LCD Soundsystem album titled This Is Happening, were leaked via (what else?) the internet. The first song, "I Can Change" is in studio quality, while the second one "Dance Yourself Clean" is a low-quality rip, nevertheless, they are both completely awesome. Listen to these, feel cool, dance, head-bob, then when the album is released via DFA on May 17th, purchase it. If you like that, then go ahead to one of their many upcoming tour dates.

LCD Soundsystem-I Can Change

LCD Soundsystem- Dance Yourself Clean

New Robyn Single- "None of Dem"

Swedish dance-songstress Robyn has a new single from the first of her three planned albums of 2010. Check it out on her website. If you're feeling particularly brave, you can even shoot a webcam video while singing along with the song that'll then be posted for the world to see. In a bit of "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine," the Norwegian electro duo Royksopp is featured on this particular song, returning the favor paid to them by Robyn (she was featured on their last album). You can't quite download the song yet, but go ahead to the website and listen up.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO NEW ROBYN SINGLE "None of Dem" featuring Royksopp


Free 21-Song Sampler from Kill Rock Stars!

Kill Rock Stars, the Portland, OR label that has been doing great things for the past 20 years has just put up, for yours, ours and everyone's enjoyment, a free 21-song sampler of the some of the finest their label has produced over the years. Why should you download it RIGHT NOW? We'll just let the tracklisting answer that for ya


01 ELLIOTT SMITH "Angeles" from Either/Or
02 THE THERMALS "Now We Can See" from Now We Can See
03 GOSSIP "Standing In the Way of Control" from Standing In The Way of Control
04 THAO "When We Swam" from Know Better Learn Faster
05 SLEATER KINNEY "Oh!" from One Beat
06 PANTHER "Love Is Sold" from Entropy
07 UNWOUND "Corpse Pose" from Repetition
08 THE PAPER CHASE "What Should We Do With Your Body? (The Lightning) from Someday This Could All Be Yours (Part 1)
09 XIU XIU "Dear God, I Hate Myself" from Dear God, I Hate Myself
10 DEERHOOF "Believe E.S.P." from Friend Opportunity
11 QUASI "Repulsion" from American Gong
12 MARNIE STERN "Transformer" from This Is It...
13 STEREO TOTAL "I Love You, Ono" from My Melody
14 LILIPUT "Ain't You" from Liliput
15 BIKINI KILL "New Radio " from New Radio
16 BRATMOBILE "Die" from The Real Janelle
17 COMET GAIN "Kids In The Club" from Realistes
18 THE SHAKY HANDS "Allison and the Ancient Eyes" from Let It Die
19 THE DECEMBERISTS "16 Military Wives" from Picaresque
20 HORSE FEATHERS "Curs In The Weeds" from House With No Home
21 JEFF HANSON "Hiding Behind the Moon" from Son

Click here for link to download site
or just type in

House Party Tonight!

Let me paint a picture here. Its a picture of you. I'm painting you confused, listless, half drunk, lying down with your legs folded under you ala Christina's World with a five dollar bill in each hand. You're looking back to that house. What's in that house? You're so lost.

I've drawn a second painting. Its you, with those two fives I gave you earlier. You're giving one of them to the girl on the keg and she hands you a cup of what is probably Pabst. The other you're giving to the people who live there because you're a nice guy wanting to help them out with their police citations. Ah, super chill of you, dude. Okay, I can maybe paint over the 5 symbol to make it say 1. It still helps.

Tonight, at 3828 SE Tibbets Pocketknife, ADVENTURES! with Might, Your Canvas and Tattered Times are playing and it will be really rad. Pocketknife is a pretty poppy dance rock band that has a song about Hank Venture from the Venture Bros, which makes me extremely happy. I've seen ADVENTURES! with Might before and hes pretty fun too, he covers Andre Nickatina's "Ayo" and nobody really sees it coming. The fucking Myspace player cut out so I don't know what Tattered Times and Your Canvas sound like, but I'm sure you're going to have a good time when you show up to this.

Rainbow zebras will be in attendance giving out free rainbow zebra gum. So show up right at 8.


Thirsty Thursdays Mix, Volume the Fourth!

We hereby decree that on this, Thursday the eighth, in the spring month of April in the 2010th year of our Lord, that you, should procure this mixtape and get ROYALLY. BUCK.

This is the mixtape for everyone that knows how to tear up the dance floor, but also loves to just sit back and smoke a J while bobbing your head to the beat, transfixed by the light show.


Take It Or Leave It- The Strokes
Psychic Chasms (BRAHMS Remix)- Neon Indian
KGB (Terra-Invasion)- Pegasus Dream
Second Lives (Bloody Beetroots Remix)- Vitalic
Talk To Me- Hey Today!
Sunrise (Rework)- Yeasayer x Stranger Day
Sponsored by Destiny- Slagsmålsklubben
Dance Around The Fire- The Golden Filter
Killer On The Dance Floor- Private
Eye To Eye- Leonardus + Quinten 909
A New Love- Miracles Club
Let Me Take You Out- Class Actress
99 Problems Here- Jay-Z vs. Pavement
Party Trash- Weird Tapes
Slip Away- Get Famous



He's a silent circuit bender, and she's a raving maniac who may or may not have cut him to see if he was real. You know them, you love them, you've had a black eye from their microphone -- //CRYSTAL CASTLES// is back!
In anticipation for a new album release in June, they've released a song called Baptism that they've been playing live for a while. Its a classic CC thrasher very much in the vein of Untrust Us and Alice Practice that will make you want to give their whole album a relisten. The live version we have here has Alice Glass screaming over it, so apparently there are lyrics.
On April 17th they are releasing... oh man this is great. Story of Isaac's remix of Black Panther is really rad, download it and another unreleased official remix below. On April 17th they are releasing 500 copies of the new 12 inch "Doe Deer" single, which will be a new title track and then three of the 2004 guitar demos. No CDs, no mp3s. Hopefully the June album will be different. Not coming through Portland any time soon, but maybe they will pay us back for missing MusicFestNW last year? We'll see!


Welcome Back Starfucker!

Starfucker, who had decided to change their name a lil while back to Pyramiddd, seem to have come to their collective senses and are returning to their original name. While not PC, PG, or family-friendly, it's much more fitting. For their upcoming May tour they will be billed as Starfucker, after which they will revisit the issue and perhaps come up with a more suitable name. I say stick with Starfucker.

In the meantime, check out their awesome side projects Fake Drugs and Skeletron.


New Chemical Brothers-Escape Velocity

Up there somewhere on the Mt. Rushmore of electronica/dance/big beat music; The Chemical Brothers recently announced plans to release their 7th studio album, Further. The album, which has been described as their most "psychedelic and melodic to date," will be released early this summer on June 7th. Their new single, "Escape Velocity" is 12 minutes of synth gooey goodness. Check it out.

Chemical Brothers- Escape Velocity (radio edit)
Chemical Brothers- We Are The Night
Chemical Brothers- Hey Boy, Hey Girl (Soulwax '2ManyDJs' Remix)

Star Wars Sitcom Announced

"Let us assure you this isn't going to suck as much as you think it is."
-Seth Green

Lucasfilm Animation has greenlit an animated sitcom set in the Star Wars universe. Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich have been blessed by George Lucas' neck fat to make the as-yet-untitled show. Brendan Hay, who was writing for The Simpsons in its prime and now produces the Daily Show, is to be head writer. It has some great potential ingredients, but this isn't the first time we've heard of a Star Wars television series. A gritty adult Sopranos-esque Star Wars show, based around Jedi manhunts between the two trilogies, was reported to be in the works a couple years back but I haven't heard anything of it since. Therefore, I'll hold off being excited for a little while.

In the spirit of Star Wars, I'm giving you this intense mashup of the John Williams iconic Imperial song, and Justice's dirty banger "Stress"

Imperial Stress- John Williams vs. Justice


Iceland: Land of the Elves and Jonsi

Jonsi, the man with the ethereal voice behind Sigur Ros, has just released a solo album titled Go. The album, with contributions from indie rock's favorite classical composer Nico Muhly, is represented aptly by it's title, as this album goes places that Sigur Ros hasn't gone to. It's epic. It's majestic. It's Icelandic. This is the product of a culture that is so inspired by their landscape that they are unwilling to rule out the existence of elves.

In support of this album, Jonsi is planning what looks to be one of the most insane live shows ever, transporting audiences to the wondrousness that is Jonsi's imagination. Or maybe it's a representation of his backyard in Iceland. Check out this behind the scenes teaser of his live show. See him at the Roseland Theater on April 13.

Enticing, isn't it?
Click below to download a couple of highlights from the album


Something for your Easter Basket

Today is lil' bit grey so I'll drop off this tidbit by Janelle Monae. Not quite sure if its the hair or the snazzy outfits that do it for me but her sound is a mixture OutKast (well she's produced by Big Boi), Gnarls Barkley and Beyonce. HAWT.

Here is her new video ft. Big Boi from OutKast.

The record The ArchAndroid drops May 18th.


Portland Ecstasy!

Picture says it all. This summer, seven of Volcano City's best dance acts are coming together to release a 12 inch LP entitled PDXTC. Atole, Breakfast Mountain, May Ling, Guidance Counselor Wampire and Jeffrey Jerusalem have combined forces to create (hopefully) one of the best Portland mixes since Copy's "86 Til Infinity" podcast for XLR8R in 2008.

Breakfast Mountain has released the song they've contributed for it, which you can listen to here at their tumblr. Its a heavy hip hop banger that you can definitely get lost in. Become a fan of it on Facebook here and you can receive regular updates from the bands themselves. Expect it for a pre-Memorial Day Weekend release on May 27th, 2010.


The Notorious xx

wait what has been making some nice mashups for a while now and has just released their magnum opus: the xx's debut album 2.0 cut up with The Notorious B.I.G. The end result, The Notorious xx, is greater than the sum of its parts. Biggie's expert lyrics ranging from his familiar topics such as getting his dick sucked to contemplating suicide are oddly coherent with the xx's subtle, soft spoken, half eerie half uplifting instrumentals to the point that you find yourself taken aback that nobody had put this together yet.

Mo stars mo problems, the last song in the album, is the best representation of the theme of the work as a whole. It takes Mo Money Mo Problems, one of Big's songs he made with Puff Daddy (shit, back when he was Puff Daddy) and Ma$e and arguably one of his most upbeat/happy songs and removes the Diana Ross "i'm coming out" chorus, replacing it with the xx's original chorus from Stars describing someone's complete desire to just be loved back. The fire spit from the respective mouths of Ma$e, Puff Daddy and Big boasts of being rising stars, never stopping, "bigger than the city lights down in Times Square." The song ends with Biggie lamenting "If you don't know, now you know." The result is a stark look at the inner torment of one of rap's (and modern music in general) most influential voices. Its a forced view because its a mashup, but I don't think that makes it any less legitimate of a piece of work.

Accompanying the album is a full set of liner notes from wait what, explaining each song's origins and parts. The final page of the notes has the author explaining the record to be suitable for several situations:
1) rainy days in your apartment after you've overslept but aren't going to let the asymmetry of your day disrupt your mood
2) driving during that time between when the bars close and the newspaper routes haven't started when no one's out and the city looks abandoned
3) walking alone and thinking about everyone you know and imagining what they might be doing right then.

This album marks a return to the much-neglected artistic side of mashups not seen since Dangermouse's Grey Album in which you can take two seemingly unrelated artists and blur the lines between them. You can download the album for free from wait what's website or via Megaupload.


Thirsty Thursdays Mix Volume 3

Hey all you sexy teens out there, here's the funkiest mix we've. Ever. Made. It kinda shows you what funky R&B is from, where its been, and where its going. Go on and pick up your sweet thang from her place, put this mix on and she will definitely be down to get her swerve on right then and there. Let it whip, Volcano City!

Here's who will be providing the soundtrack to your sexual chocolate til next week:

George Duke - I Love You More
Zapp & Roger - I Can Make You Dance
Attitude - We Got the Juice
Kool DJ Dust - Comin to Getcha
Funky See Funky Do - RARE FUNK JAM 2
Cashmere - Try Your Lovin'
George Duke - Dream On
Glossy - Burning Love
Dazz Band - Let It Whip (Extended 7" Mix)
Chromeo - Ah oui comme ça
Cool Notes - My Love is Hot
Starpoint - All Night Long
Strength - Ice Pink Storm